Mehwish Hayat just asked people their ‘darkest desire’ and the answers are outright bizarre

The current lockdown has Pakistani celebrities becoming more and more creative with social media to entertain their fans. While alot of them are holding QnA sessions where they answer fan questions, Mehwish Hayat has turned the tables.

Instead of letting fans in on her secrets, she asked them about their’s. “Now tell me, what’s your deepest darkest desire ?” she tweeted.

The response was well, not your usual dinner time conersation. Fellow actor Ushna Sha broke the eyes by using the most misplaced Game of Thrones reference.

Coming back to Hayat’s fans. As expected, some of the answers were really thirsty. Thirsty for the Punjab Nahi Jaungee star that is.

Some had this weird fixation with seeing Hayat with Humayun Saeed on the big screen, as siblings. Weird priorities people have these days.

Some people ( other than Ushna Shah ) just want to watch the world burn

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