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Hammad Safi, 11-year-old kid who has Pakistan enchanted, is a name that rose to become the first super kid of Pakistan by becoming the youngest Motivational Speaker and Article Writer. He has been awarded by renowned national and international figures and has been honoured with the title of “Fakhr-e-Pakistan (The Pride of Pakistan)”. Hammad is the only kid who has officially delivered motivational and Awareness sessions in more than One Hundred well reputed Universities of Pakistan.

He is the youngest motivational speaker in Pakistan, and probably the world, a freelancer, TV anchor and a lecturer at the University of Peshawar, where he teaches students twice his age. He has been referred to as a “super kid”, a “child extraordinaire”, “motivational guru” and even “the little genius of Pakistan”, but he hasn’t let the adulation go to his head. Instead he continues to inspire others and push his vision of an educated Pakistan, and access to technology in order to connect the youth to the modern world.

“God willing, I am going to become a leader,” Hammad told Ary News. “I want to give this message to the world that we are not terrorists and I am the proof of that. We have talent in our country, we have everything, we only need to work hard.”
Many in Pakistan are astonished by Hammad’s self-confidence and his ability to lecture on important subjects, but there as also those who believe that this role is depriving the boy of his childhood.
“Where’s the child in him? He’s gone, because he thinks above his age,” said Bakht Zaman, a professor at Peshawar University.

Others say that he still has a long way to go and many books to read to prove himself, and that we will only be able to judge his true worth when he becomes an adult, and some are worried that all the media attention will have a negative effect on him.

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