Meera Jee is Making a Film on Her Life

Popular Lollywood star Meera is set to produce her own telefilm. This upcoming film will be based on her own life.

For Meera Jee, this year, 2020 has been really difficult as the legendary Lollywood actress had experienced a lot of traumas and issues, including some rather life-threatening incidents.

However, Meera Jee, setting an example for all women, stood strong like a rock and fought all the battles from legal to financial issues.

To treat her fans, Meera Jee on Thursday announced that she will produce her own telefilm based on her personal life.

The upcoming project will feature the Baaji star as a producer, with Sooraj Baba as the writer for the script. Baba has said that the veteran is a real-life heroine in reality as well, not just in films.

Earlier, Actress Meera had expressed her opinion that children should not be sent to school due to the coronavirus situation in the country.

In the latest interview, Baaji actress said that she has remained very careful since she came back from the US. She added that she is fine.

“First of all, try to save your lives,” she suggested. “If I would have a child I won’t send him to school.”

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