Man-o- Salwa (من و سلویٰ) Complete Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed Download in pdf

Man-o-Salwa is an Urdu novel beautifully written by Umera Ahmed and it is featuring the suspense, romance and thrill.Man-o-Salwa is a comprehensive package for someone who wants to read the Masterpiece of Umera Ahmed.

Man-o-Salwa was dramatized and played on air on Hum TV as well.

Man-o-Salwa is very nice and reality base novel. Story describes our society drawbacks which come from poverty. Poor people have to face so many things the things which belong to them and other which are not, but they seems to be responsible for all. In Man-o – Salwa main Character “Zeni” who faced ups and downs due to poverty. And then for revenge she make money but in fake ways. Story name Man-o-Salwa means a pure food which was the blessing of Allah and in this novel all people thought they are having man-o-salwa but actually this was “Haraam Rizq” which snatch their peace and relationships……

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