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Man Hosting Engin Altan in Lahore is a Wanted Felon

In an interesting discovery, the man seen hosting Dirilis Ertugrul star Engin Altan Düzyatan throughout his Lahore visit, is actually a wanted felon.

Kashif Zameer is the blonde-haired host, who is seen everywhere from the Turkish star’s press conference to the snippets of him online. Yes, that very same man is booked in around eight cases!

For a better idea of who we’re talking about, the man in the viral video of Ertugrul Bey with a lion in Lahore.

Further, from press conferences to feasts and online flashes, Kashif is spotted shoulder to shoulder with Engin Altan throughout his vacation and that has fetched some limelight towards him also. And, to his dismay, a shocking discovery about the host has surfaced that might affect his deal with the Turkish celebrity.

The blond-haired Kashif Zameer is actually a wanted outlaw with 8 different cases filed against him. As revealed by the police sources, Kashif’s nefarious activities include fraud, betrayal of trust, car theft, and robbery at multiple occasions.

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Engin Altan seems a bit unlucky when it comes to trustworthy Pakistani associates. Earlier, Engin Altan had announced to land in Lahore subsequent to his business agreement with another local company titled Blue World City. But, later the company was exposed to be an illegal housing scheme and was even filed charges by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Hence, the Ertugrul protagonist had immediately cut ties with the corporation, postponing his trip to Pakistan.

Likewise, now that Kashif Zameer is a wanted felon, it is yet to be revealed whether Engin will continue his contract with his firm or cast aside halfway.  

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