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Laila Wasti Talks About Her Marriage and Husband

Laila Wasti

Laila Wasti is legendary Pakistani actress who has been working in Industry from a few years . Her drama Dunk goes famous now a days . Fans are loving her acting within the drama.

Currently , after her brilliant performance in Dunk She has been seen in many interviews, she has also talked about her disease in interviews, after which fans have sent their best wishes to the gorgeous actress .

Laila Wasti Family

This time the actress is talking about her marriage . Laila Wasti said that , ” i used to be not even marrying and my parents were worried so once I chose my husband, that they had no issue”

Laila Wasti

” i used to be working behind the camera as director with my husband , I had an honest team with my husband, we never fought , he was my assistant director and when he proposed me , I agreed to proposal” said Laila .

Laila Wasti

Laila further said , ” having a disease like cancer is terrifying and my husband stood with me through thick and thin , it’s really hard to seek out gems like him ”

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