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Korean K-pop Singer Daud Kim Has Visited Makkah

K-pop singer and You Tuber Daud Kim has visited Makkah again to perform Umrah as he found answers to all his questions in Islam.

Daud Kim

Formerly known as Jay Kim, the K-pop artist converted to Islam back in 2019 and changed his first name to Daud. He later visited the holy city to perform the Umrah pilgrimage last year, followed by a brief trip to Pakistan.

Now Kim has visited Makkah again and shared pictures from Masjid Al-Haram on his social media handles. “I arrived at Makkah again place s like my hometown, so peaceful and so holy,” he wrote in the caption.

Kim further shared, “My life was messed up. I thought I was the unluckiest person so I wandered.”

“Nonetheless I always tried to find the answers. And I realized. I am not alone. Someone is by my side trying to lead me on the right path. And I realized. There is Allah.”

He added, “Islam gave answers to all my questions. The reason I was created, and the reason I live. And finally to where I’m going, even after this life.”

“So, I am so lucky to have been chosen by Allah.”

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