Kashif Chaudhry, man who hosted Turkish actor Engin Altan, arrested in Lahore

Kashif Chaudhry, the man who hosted Turkish actor Engin Altan, has been arrested in Lahore.

As being reported, Zameer has been charged with threatening to kill anchorperson Hamad Aslam. Zameer’s armed accomplices were also arrested.

Reportedly, the accused also resisted the police.

inal, with nearly 8 cases booked against him. Armed men and accomplices of Zameer were also taken into custody by the police.

According to a criminal record of KashifZameer, four cases were registered against him in Lahore, two each in Toba Tek Singh and Sialkot. Cases were registered against Kashif Zameer in Lahore’s Mozang, Chohang, Civil Line and Township police stations.

These cases include serious offenses including fraud, betrayal of trust, car theft, and robbery.

Police also revealed that Kashif Zameer, who was seen everywhere with the Turkish star during his first-ever visit to Pakistan, had struck a deal of one million dollars with Engin Altan but paid only half of it.

It may be recalled that Engin Altan Düzyatan, the lead actor of the Turkish TV show Diriliş: Ertuğrul, has reached Lahore.

The Turkish Embassy in Pakistan has tweeted a photo of the actor at the Lahore airport. He was invited by directors of the Chaudhary Groups.

The show was aired in Pakistan on PTV on the prime minister’s request and became an instant hit. It also broke the world record for the most subscribers on YouTube.

According to the actor, the crew knew the show would do well from the very beginning but had no idea that it would get so much attention around the world.

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