July 12th: 2,521 New Cases, 74 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan yesterday reported 2,521 new coronavirus cases in the country — lowest in 40 days — as 24,211 new tests were conducted in a single day. Test to positive case ratio stood at around 10%, down from once 25% that we had during past month.

Test to positive case ratio in Punjab was as low as 6% while it remained around 13% in Sindh.

Punjab’s daily new cases stood at 565, lowest since May 26th. Sindh added 1,468 new cases in last 24 hours.

3,566 patients recovered after they tested negative for the virus. Total recoveries reached 156,700 or 62.96% of the total positive cases.

Active cases came down to 86,975 or the level we previously had on June 14th, 2020.

More details in below table and graphs:

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