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Jannat Mirza Dance Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Pakistani TikTok star Jannat Mirza has a dance video that went viral on social media from her cousin’s wedding where she can be seen moving to the beat of the Bollywood song titled ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai’ from the 90’s blockbuster movie ‘Hero No. 1’.

Jannat Mirza has gained immense popularity from TikTok where she has garnered over 11 million followers becoming the first Pakistani to achieve that milestone on the short-video sharing platform.

The social media star hails from Faisalabad and caught public eye back in 2018 when she first started uploading her lip-sync videos to TikTok rising to eminence quickly and has been ruling the platform since.

Apart from Tiktok, Jannat has also depicted the title role in Bilal Saeed’s critically acclaimed musical video titled ‘Shayar’ alongside Sarmad Qadeer and rumor has it that she will be starring in an upcoming Lollywood movie.

Jannat Mirza is pursuing her journalism degree, which she is obtaining from a university in Japan. Having said that, Jannat mirza alongside her family is currently spending quality time in the state of Japan.

The social media personality recently announced that she will be moving to Japan while revealing her reason to be “mentality of Pakistani people”, a statement that received immense backlash. However, some people believed that the TikTok ban in Pakistan at the time was the basis for her decision.

However, the star cleared the air during a live session on her Instagram. ”I am not moving to Japan, I will come back to Pakistan after completing my studies and planning to work behind the camera”

Jannat Mirza Dance Video Goes Viral:

People are currently abscessed with Jannat Mirza and her dance video that went viral on social media showing the TikTok star dancing to a Bollywood at her cousin’s wedding.

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