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Is Actress Meesha Shafi Dating Babar Azam?

On Monday, popular singer Meesha Shafi took to social media to break her silence about the rumors circulating of her wanting to date Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam.

It seems like people will do anything to create scandals and gossip on social media without any regard for the people they are targeting.

It all started when a Babar Azam fan page on Instagram shared a picture of the cricketer and Meesha Shafi. The page shared an alleged quote from Meesha, which insinuated that she has affection for the Karachi Kings batsman. The caption said:

“I always stick to the television when he is batting, and when he gets out, I switch my television off,” the post read, adding, “I would love to date him, I just love him.”

As if the singer hasn’t already had enough issues on her plate, she has to deal with this matter.

Meesha Shafi then had to clear the air.

People who spread this ‘news’ failed to realize that Meesha is already married and has children of her own. The singer took to social media to shut down the fake news.

“I have no idea who this is and why it exists,” she wrote. She went on to add, “It makes zero sense, 100% concocted out of thin air. This quote is fabricated.”

In addition to this, the model and actress also tagged Instagram to take the post down. She has refrained from commenting on the matter any further.

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