Insaan Aur Devta Complete Urdu Novel By Naseem Hijazi Download in pdf

Naseem Hijazi is the author of the book Insaan Aur Devta Novel Pdf. Naseem Hijazi was an excellent writer of Urdu. He was a journalist and novelist. Naseem Hijazi was a biographer and historian also. He wrote some famous historical novels and got fame. The two generations of Pakistanis remained in a romance of Naseem Hijazi,s writings. His impressive style of writing gave a new life to the Urdu novel.

Naseem HijaziĀ used his writing skills in the national interest. He promoted the ideology of Pakistan. Moreover, Naseem told the young about the struggle for the creation of Pakistan. He spoke about the mindset of Hindus and their conspiracies. Naseem Hijazi recalls the Muslim,s golden past and victories of his forefathers. He advised the youth to get back his glory by seeking knowledge. He asked them to learn modern technology.

The book Insaan Aur Devta Pdf is about the Hindu society and their customs. Its central theme is the Hindu religion and its caste system. It does not consider other nations as human. It is a great book that pointed out the most significant demerits of Hindu religion and inequality before arising Islam. I hope you will like the book Insaan Aur Devta Novel and share it.

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