In Faisalabad A Mureed killed the Peer

Faisalabad: A Mureed killed the Peer and threw his body in a canal on Monday after the talisman taken for his wife for reconciliation did not work.


In Samanabad area of ​​Faisalabad, Mureed Muhammad Hasan took amulet from Pir Baba to reconcile his wife, but the effect was reversed and the couple got divorced. When the amulet did not work, Mureed kidnapped Pir Sajid 10 days ago and killed him.

The body was thrown into the canal, the police arrested the accused while raids are being conducted to arrest his accomplice.

Sabir, the brother of the deceased, says that when his wife’s family members were picking up the belongings from the house of Mureed, he came and took his brother along.

According to the police, the accused had donated thousands of rupees on Monday to get the work done, this amount was given little by little.

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