Hybrid Bolt ONs Bundles for Jazz Gold Subscribers

Jazz Postpaid brings another amazing offer for its users. Jazz Hybrid Bolt ONs are two all in one bundles fulfilling the need of the customers. These are auto recursive monthly bundles. Moreover, there are two bundles, budget and mega bundles. Here are the details of the bundles.

Bolt OnsPriceMBsAll Net MinutesSMSHow to SubscribeValidity
All in One – BudgetRs.5004000 (2000 +2000 Social)2002000*448*1#Monthly Recursive
All in One – MegaRs.999150005005000*448*2#Monthly Recursive
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Terms and Conditions:

  • Products are available for postpaid consumer catalogue only.
  • Data base rate of Rs 2+Tax/MB will apply upon consumption of bundle and package incentives.
  • All in One – Budget: Social data incentive (2000 MBs) can be consumed for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter only.
  • All-net minutes are available for all local networks.
  • Customers can only subscribe to a single hybrid bundle at a time. Already subscribed bundle will be replaced with the new bundle subscription.
  • Bundle will be re-subscribed on bill day.
  • Data charges will not apply after data consumption of Rs. 2000 on Pay as you Use (FUP is applicable).
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA.
  • The charging system reserves certain proportion of available data volume in MBs of your package against opening/accessing of each application/website on the device, therefore, the simultaneous opening/accessing of multiple applications and/or websites may result in reserving all your available data volume in MBs of your package and may start charging on base rate of your package.
  • Government Taxes apply.

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