Huma Nassr announces Shaan e Pakistan 2020 in sri lanka

The upcoming fifth edition of Shaan e Pakistan is scheduled to take place from March 21 till March 23 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In this regard, a press conference was recently held in Karachi with key stakeholders, socialites and media personnel in attendance. CEO and founder, Huma Nassr shared that she is delighted to join forces with Irfan Pardesi from Zee Foundation for another round of Promising Shaan e Pakistan (PSEP). “After the overwhelming success of previous four editions that took place in New Delhi (2015), Lahore (2016), Karachi (2018) and Lahore (2019), Shaan e Pakistan aims to cross another milestone this year by holding the upcoming 5th Edition in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

With the purpose to expand, export and provide a platform to Pakistani artists, crafters, traders, designers, etc., the three-day festival will exhibit their work internationally.

Speaking to Instep post the press conference, Irfan Pardesi, who is the executive producer of Shaan e Pakistan, noted, “Promising Pakistan is a platform to facilitate traders, small manufacturers and creative minds of our nation. It aims to create a new breed of exporters, and also give them opportunities to do retail sales to global audiences and engage with potential stockists.”

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