How to Recover Deleted Files on Your USB Drive

Over the years, flash drives have become the most used means of storing data thanks to their portability. Millions of users rely on USB flash drives or comparable removable storage devices to save and protect their data. However, in most cases, users tend to take its reliability for granted and end up with lost or deleted data.

Some common reasons for USB data loss include:

  • Unplugging while the drive is still in use.
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Malware infection
  • Data fragmentation
  • Hardware failure
  • Software bug
  • Problems with the supply of power to USB ports

Regardless of the reason, if the device was carrying important data, recovering it is imperative. Fortunately, there are a few ways that can ensure the successful recovery of the deleted files.

How to recover deleted files from a flash drive without the software?

The deleted files from the flash drive cannot be possibly recovered using the recycle bin recovery process. As the files that are lost from an external removable flash drive cannot be retrieved using the recycle bin recovery method.

The solution to how we can recover the files deleted from USB is divided into two main solutions. With and without using a software tool. Yes, it is not very difficult to recover the files without using the software. Here are the possible methods.

Retrieve from Windows Backups

Before following any other method make sure to look for the backup of your data. There is a possibility that you have the desired files in the backup. Syncing your data to the cloud or Google drive is very habitual. This method will prove proficient if you have turned on the Windows backup, you can recover your USB data.

Step 1: Open system maintenance

From the control panel go to the system maintenance. Now select the “Backup and restore option”. A restore option will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

Step 2: Restore Files

Click on the Restore my files button which shows that you can restore your files that were backed up on the current location.

Step 3: Browse for files

Now browse for the file that was backed up previously. Click on the Browse for file option.

Step 4: Select location:

You need to select the location at which you want to save the backup. Select the most suitable option to copy the data according to your needs.

Wait till the process is completed. Now, look at the location that you have selected to copy the data. All your files that were permanently removed will be recovered at the mentioned location.

Using CMD to restore lost files

The command prompt (cmd) is a windows processor that can be used to enter commands using the command line. It is possible to recover those files which are accidentally removed from our flash drive from the command line using the following steps.

Step 1: Connect the USB device to the computer. Make sure that it is recognized by the system.

Step 2: Press Windows key and R simultaneously to bring up the Run window. Type cmd and press enter to access Command Prompt Window.

Step 3: Type in “chkdsk H: /f” without the double inverted commas and press Enter. Replace “H” with the drive letter of the USB drive.

Step 4: Press Y and press Enter.

Step 5: Enter the drive letter and press Enter.

Step 6: Type in D:\>attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.* and press Enter. Replace “D” with the drive letter of the USB drive.

Step 7: Wait for the process to finish.

Restore a Previous Version Feature

Another method that can be used to restore lost files without using any external recovery software is restoring the files from the previous versions of windows. The latest versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8, and 10) have the feature of recovering the data from the previous versions. In this method, the windows will annul all the changes that were made after the up-gradation of the windows and it will go back to the previous version of the windows. The following are the steps that should be followed for this process.

Step 1: Right-click on the folder from which the files were deleted.

Step 2: Click on Restore Previous Versions.

Step 3: Out of the listed version, click on a date that is before the deletion took place and click Restore.

How to recover files from USB with Recoverit Data Recovery

The methods using the command line and restoring the previous versions do not ensure the data recovery. Also, sometimes these methods are tedious and in-efficient. So, the best choice left is downloading a data recovery software that is Wondershare Recoverit.

Wondershare Recoverit is the software that is available for both Windows and Mac devices. It helps to recover files that are accidentally removed from an external storage device such as USB flash drives, SD, SSD, and HDD, etc.

Step 1. Launch Recoverit Data Recovery, connect the USB drive to the PC and select it to get started.

Step 2. Recoverit USB Recovery will start scanning the drive to searching your lost files, it will take for a minute.

Step 3. The program supports to preview different types of files like photos, videos, music, Word document, Excel, PPT, and PDF. Select your files by clicking the “Recover” button to restore.

Please do not save your all recovered files on the USB drive where you lost data before. You should choose a safe storage device in case of data lost again or overwriting. Download Recoverit Data Recovery and get back your data in 3-step.

To Recover Deleted Files from a USB Drive:

  1. Connect the USB drive to your PC.
  2. Download & install Disk Drill.
  3. Select the drive from the list of available drives.
  4. Click the “Recover” button.
  5. Preview the files by clicking on the “eye” icon next to their filenames.
  6. Select & save your files.

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