How to Add a Table of Contents in WordPress

In this article, we will discuss about how to add a table of contents to your WordPress website. After read this article, you will be able How to Add a Table of Contents in WordPress.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To add the Table of Contents to a site. We are going to a two steps.

Install a plugin

To install a plugin let go a WordPress dashboard. Go to the plugin. Then click the add new. Go search bar and search “Easy Table of Contents”. Then Install Now, which will help us add a table of content into our post or pages. To install the plugin. Then quick activate. Now, we have successfully installed the plugin.

To choose the table of contents

Go the setting click the table of contents. And you will get this page list of options. Where you can add the table of contents. Let’s say you want to add table of contents to your post. All you have to do is this able the option of post. Once you have done that the scroll down and click save changes. So, now we have successfully enable the table of contents.

We can now add the table of contents to our post. So to add the table of contents. Let’s go to post click all posts. You can select the post for which you want to add the table of contents. I am going to select this post. Once you have selected it the scroll down. Here we see we have got a new section on our post. Enable the option insert table of content. Next, you need to select the heading of your posts which you want to display on your table. Once you are done.

Go back the website click the refresh. you can see that the table of content to added to your post.

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