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How can you save gasoline for your car? Learn great information

Car owners always seem to be very sensitive about their car. However, the Saudi Efficiency Center has announced good news for car owners regarding saving petrol.

He claimed that people who install standard tires in vehicles use less petrol.

Saudi experts say “car owners should check the standard card when buying car tires because using standard tires also costs less petrol.”

Tires are given two types of cards, the first indicates the quality, with the green card indicating that the tires are of high quality, while the red card indicates that the quality of the tires is extremely poor.

The second card indicates the performance of the tire on the wet road, which can be used to determine the quality of the tire on rain or wet road.

The center said that standard tires cost two to four per cent less petrol in a car, while standard tires in heavy vehicles cost six to eight per cent less.

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