Heavy Rain Rages Havoc In Lahore – Takes At Least 16 Innocent Lives In Punjab

Every year during the monsoon season, Pakistan faces a major flooding experience and many lives are lost. Simultaneously, heavy rain showers are likely to comprise of both curse and blessing dilemmas. Recent rain in Lahore is making people both enjoy it and cower with fear as it takes lives of 16 people.

As the dark clouds gathered and poured down cats and dogs people came out to enjoy the rainy weather. However, in a completely different aspect of the story, about sixteen lives hung on a thread as it rages havoc. Seeing the brutality of the weather, Lahoris have been going viral on Twitter to show the damages done.

In addition to that, Twitterati are going wild with how the entire city is now looking like a street in Venice. With garbage bags floating and urban flooding, people are knocking at the doors of the government. officials to take notice.

Ceilings and walls collapse due to excessive water sewage and the tumbling damage rolls on. Along with that, what is most surprising to us is how Pakistanis tend to find humor in the most bizarre form of situations.

Apparently, many felt that a comparison between Lahore and Karachi rain is a highly humorous way of handling the situation.

Like always some people took out boats to enjoy the weather by kayaking and rapid rafting on the stagnant water in the streets. All in all, the entire painted picture proves that rain is a blessing but due to poor negligence there is no doubt it becomes a curse for Pakistan.

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