Hareem Shah wishes to play Halime Sultan of PM Imran Khan, if he plays Ertugrul!

We think original series is just perfect, no need for any remake!

Its the craze of Turkish series which has taken Pakistan by storm. And not a single day passes that we do not hear people talking about Ertugrul Ghazi and ending up in news headlines.

The latest we get to hear is that Pakistan’s infamous character of Ertugurl Ghazi has a wish to play Halime Sultan’s character if a remake of Turkish series happens. But with a condition that if PM Imran Khan plays the lead character of  Ertugurl Ghazi!

Hareem Shah shared her wish in a recent interview with a News Channel.

When she was asked about the hit series being aired in Pakistan and Ertugrul being the latest crush for the country.

Hareem Shah was all in praises Halime Sultan’s character and shared that she wishes to play her role.

Thereafter, when she was asked about who she would want as Ertugrul in the series? She said that Imran Khan can be Ertugrul.

This makes us wonder, what would be the original series makers would be going through if they get to know every day Pakistanis come up with something absolutely bizarre about Dirilis: Ertugrul series. 

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