Hande Subasi has a message for Pakistani fans

In a recent interview, the renowned Turkish starlet Hande Subasi was spotted calling a halt to all the criticism that was earlier fired at her direction by Pakistani fans and followers, owing to her ‘inappropriate dressing choices.’ Hence, the Ertugrul central lady has an indirect piece of advice for her dearest Pakistani well-wishers.

The immensely popular former Miss Turkey Hande Subasi gained wide recognition in Pakistan, subsequent to portrayal of Aykiz Hatun in critically acclaimed chartbuster series Dirilis Ertugrul or Erugrul Ghazi.

The actress was admired for the courtesy and decency that Aykiz had brought to life. Viewers showered high appreciation on the actress and consequently, Hande’s Instagram fan following also skyrocketed thanks to Pakistani devotees.

However, as the chief reason of this affection and approbation was propriety and dignity, Pakistani audience was extremely disheartened to witness the off-screen life and actual life of their well-regarded Aykiz Hatun. As a result, Hande Subasi was extremely disapproved by the Pakistani critics, for her ‘inappropriate and indecent attires and apparels.’

Furthermore, bundles of Pakistani plaster saints hopped into the starlet’s comment sections, denunciating the actress over opting revealing and obscene outfits. It is pertinent to mention, that this reaction was not a onetime subject. Pakistanis had been criticizing the actress for quite a long time now, spreading condemnation on her Instagram portraits every now and then.

This is not the first time that Pakistanis had criticized female actresses over their dressing choices. In fact, online bullying and denunciating the celebrities are out of the few things that Pakistani citizens are skilled at.

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Previously, the preeminent Turkish star Esra Bilgic also ended to be the victim of public disparagement on multiple occasions, that too for her choice of costumes. However, as the criticism intensified, Esra also had to respond.

Therefore, the Halime Hatun actress calmly requested the critic to un-follow her if he couldn’t cope with her personal choices. Since then, Esra had been out of the censuring bubble of Pakistani followers.

Hande Subasi replies to Pakistani faultfinders

Hande Subasi after garnering echoing criticism has finally responded to Pakistani critics, clearing the errors that Pakistanis are breathing on, related to Turkish actors.  The 36 year old stated, “My job, though, was only to do my professional best, and to give life to Aykiz. This does not make me Aykiz.”

Hande Subasi further added, “I’m Hande. I really appreciate the admiration of my fans but I’m not happy about being criticized and getting negative comments about things that I do in my personal life.” 

From her statement, it is quite evident that Hande’s real life is poles apart from the character that she depicted. Aykiz was a part of her reel life and nothing more. Hence, Pakistanis need to quit comparing the on-screen and off-screen avatars of their adored international celebrities and stop intervening their personal lives.

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