Hamza Ali Abbasi is defending Maria B

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the latest celebrity to defend popular fashion designer Maria B after a video trended on social media of her crying and demanding justice for her husband, Tahir Saeed.

Maria. B took to Facebook last night to post an ‘official statement’ explaining the now-infamous incident that went viral shortly before it.

As sources came forward to testify, it was revealed that she and her husband Tahir had actually been criminally negligent in containing the spread of coronavirus by exposing their COVID-19 positive cook to the general public.

Hamza, who is known for giving opinions about some key events online, took it upon himself to give his two cents about the situation, defending the couple.

“Absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of authorities and media who in this time of crisis are creating chaos and making false accusations,” the actor wrote via the social media platform.

Hamza penned that he believed the couple have been wronged by the authorities and social media. “These two are good people who have been wronged. Maria B. and her husband Tahir Saeed have clarified the allegations of irresponsibly sending their cook to his village after testing positive for COVID-19.

He continued, “Reacting to the news circulating about her husband being tested positive she presented the laboratory report clearly mentioning that Tahir Saeed tested negative.”

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