Funny Memes about TikTok Ban in Pakistan

Famous Video app TikTok has been banned in Pakistan. In the past few months, many objections were raised on the TikTok app for not filtering the immoral content. Now, after the debate for a few months, the government of Pakistan has decided to ban TikTok in Pakistan. The Ban on TikTok in Pakistan will be imposed from 9th October 2020. With the new of TikTok ban in Pakistan, funny memes are trending on social media of Pakistan.

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Extremely funny memes about TikTok users are viral on social media right after the new of Ban in Pakistan. Although it’s very sad news for those TikTok users who were earning their living from TikTok. But trollers are enjoying this moment because this ban could be lifted after a few days or months as well. In past, YouTube got banned in Pakistan but after few years it got unbanned.

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