Ertugrul Ghazi Novel By Muhammad Irfan Ramay Pdf

Muhammad Irfan Ramay is the author of the book Ertugrul Ghazi Novel Pdf. It is a superb story that describes the history of Ertugrul Ghazi, the chief of the Qai tribe. He was the son of Suleman Shah and the father of the Ottoman. He was the first who joined his tribe and started warfare against the Christians.

Ertughral Ghazi Novel by Muhammad Irfan Ramay penned after the release of Diliris Ertughral. It was a popular drama series in Turkish that telecasted on PTV in Urdu dubbing. It made its place in the hearts of the people, and the viewers appreciated its characters.

When Ertughral Ghazi took charge of his tribe, he defeated the local rulers and captured an area to rule. He had a significant ability to fight and leadership. He promoted Islam’s teachings in his tribe and taught a lesson of love for the Holy Prophet SAW.

After Ghazi’s death, his son Ottoman laid the foundation of a large empire named Khilafat e Usmania. It was the superpower of his time, and the Turkish ruled over it for many centuries. The successors of Ertugrul Ghazi captured a large territory in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Muhammad Irfan Ramay is a famous researcher, writer, and novelist of Urdu. In his career, he authored many excellent books on history and fiction. In this writing, he introduced the successes of the great hero of the Muslims. I hope you like the book Ertugrul Ghazi Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

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