Ertugrul Ghazi Cast In Real Life

Ertugrul Ghazi Cast

In this post we tell you about Ertugrul Ghazi Cast In Real Life. Ertugrul Ghazi is one of the most famous drama serial.It teachs a lot about islam.It reprent the history of islam.Our forfathers lay down there lifes for islam.

Ertugrul Ghazi is Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama. Its a Turkish historical and adventure television series .Which is recently played on Pakistani television channels TRT by PTV.It is the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, the story takes place in the 13th century. Lets know about the ertugrul ghazi cast in real life .

Ertugrul Ghazi Cast:

1 : Engin Altan Duzyatan (Ertugrul Ghazi)
2 : Serdar Gokhan (Suleyman Shah)
3 : Hulya Korel Darcan (Hayma Hatun)
4 : Kaan Tasaner (Gundogdu Bey)
5 : Nurettin Sonmez (Bamsi Beyrek)
6 : Esra Bilgic (Halima Sultan)
7 : Cengiz Coskun (Turgut Alp)
8 : Didem Balcın (Selcan Hatun)
9 : Burcu Kıratli (Gokche Hatun)
10 : Hande Subası (Aykuz Hatun)
11 : Cavit Cetin Guner (Dogan Alp)

Engin Altan Duzyatan (Ertugrul Ghazi)

 Engin Altan

Engin Altan has played the lead role of Ertugrul within the Turkish drama Ertugurl Ghazai. He’s an outstanding actor and his brilliant acting skills are one among the explanations for the success of the drama series Ertugurl Ghazi.

Engin Altan Duzyatan
Ertugrul Ghazi

Esra Bilgic (Halima Sultan)

Beautiful Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has played the role of Halima Sultan within the drama Ertugrul Ghazi.

Esra Bilgic
Halima Sultan

Hulya Korel Darcan (Hayma Hatun)

Hulya KorelDarcan has played the role of Hayma Hatun within the drama Ertugrul Ghazi .He has played a negative role, the enemy of Turks and Ertugurl, Ares.

Hulya Korel Darcan
Hayma Hatun

Kaan Tasaner (Gundogdu Bey)

Kaan Tasaner
Gundogdu Bey

Nurettin Sonmez (Bamsi Beyrek)

Nurettin Sonmez
Bamsi Beyrek

Cengiz Coskun (Turgut Alp)

Cengiz Coskun
Turgut Alp

Didem Balcın (Selcan Hatun)

Didem Balcın
Selcan Hatun

Burcu Kıratli (Gokche Hatun)

Burcu Kıratli

Hande Subası (Aykuz Hatun)

Hande Subası

Cavit Cetin Guner (Dogan Alp)

Cavit Cetin Guner
Dogan Alp

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