Ela Kalimatullah By Peer Mehar Ali Shah Pdf Download

Hazrat Peer Syed Mehar Ali Shah is the author of the book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf. The author of the book was a famous Sufi poet and saint. He belonged to the famous shrine of Golra Sharif. It is situated near Islamabad, Pakistan.

Peer Mehar Ali Shah was a great lover of Rasool Allah. He challenged Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan for a discussion about the finality of the Prophethood. He wanted to decide on this issue, but Mirza refused to accept his challenge.

Syed Pir Mehar Ali Shah wrote some great books about the teachings of Islam. This book is also one of them. In the book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf, Peer Mehar Ali discussed what Muslims should do and which are not. I hope you like the book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf and share it with your friends on different social media sites.

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