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Dua Zehra Biography – Age – Case – Father

Dua Zehra

Dua Zehra is not a social media star. She is teenager girl who is missing from Alfalah area of karachi Shah Faisal Colony. Dua Zehar family is worried. Every person knows about Dua Zehra. Let’s have a look Dua Zehra age, case, cctv footage and other details.

Dua Zehra Biography


She is 14 years old.


Dua Zehra father name is not know. Her father is very dashing and handsome personality.


Dua lives in karachi with her family. Her mother is a house wife. She has two sisters.

Dua Zehra Case

Dua Zehra is a 14 year old girl who went missing from Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony ten days ago. Now, she has been traced from Lahore on the 24th of April 2022. This statement was given by the police.

Dua Zehra case

Dua Zehra Found Latest News

14 year old Dua Zehra has sent her Nikahnaama to the police and has also asked them not to look for her. She has got married to 21 year old Zaheer Ahmed. Zaheer is a resident of Lahore’s Shershah Colony. On the Nikahnama, the age of the girl is written as 18 years.

Dua Zehra CCTV

Sindh police had claimed on basis of CCTV footage that  girl had gone of her own. Her parents insisted that the girl seen in the footage was not Dua Zahra kazmi. Dua’s father said the prayer disappeared during day while the CCTV footage was of the night.

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