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Does Nida Yasir Trust Her Husband

Does Nida Yasir Trust Her Husband

Nida Yasir may be a famous Pakistani host. She does morning show for Ary Digital. She is a daughter of famous producer and director Kazim Pasha.

nadia yasir husband

Recently, Nida Yasir appeared in special PSL show Her Lamha Purjosh together with her father Kazim Pasha. within the show she talked about her trust issues on her husband.

nadia yasir and yasir nawaz

In a Question – Answer segment , Nida revealed her habit of doubting on Yasir. Waseem Badami, asked Nida, ” does one doubt on Yasir Nawaz? ”

Nida replied, ” Yes , I do doubt on Yasir tons , I don’t know but this a producing fault in me, I can’t stop doubting him ”

nadia yasir and yasir nawaz

She further said, ” Yasir has been changed tons permanently but my habit remains an equivalent and that i can’t help it out, i do know it’s bad ”

Waseem Badami and therefore the audience also enjoyed her truthfulness and possessiveness.

Here is that the link to the video.

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