Dilruba Episode 22 Review

Dilruba the drama serial airing at HUM TV is a bold take on flirting, this episode like others is quite a fast pace one, as we have already seen that the downfall of Sanam has begun. Hania Aamir has given brilliant performance in this episode, she has certainly proved herself as one of the most talented actresses. Here I like to appreciate the supporting cast as well, Marina Khan and Laila Wasti have given their best performances in this play.

Here we have seen that Sanam after losing everything goes back to her own house, where her brother shuts the door at her, refusing to take her in. Well his anger is justified but the way he refuses to take in his sister in the middle of the night and leaves her helpless on the street is not making any sense, no one does that. Anyway, Saman has made entry into the house with the help of a neighbor lady. Despite Arsalan refusing to take her in that neighbor aunty tries to put some sense in Arsalan’s head by saying that he cannot leave his sister alone on street in the middle of night.

Well, Khurram eyes gets open when his friend’s cheating gets caught by his advisor, he points it out to Khurram and tells him that his friend is ready to sell his factory as he has tricked him by taking his signatures on a blank paper. Khurram is shocked to see his friend fooling him like that but moreover, he is shocked and broken to see Natasha cheating on him, she is partied with Sunny as well as Farhaad and her plan is to loot Khurram’s money and property and then she wants to run away with Farhaad. Khurraam overhears all the conversation between Natasha and Farhaad. Khurram divorces Natasha at the spot but Farhaad opens fire on him, he gets a bullet on his arm.

Arsalan’s wife raises a question that why Sanam has taken divorce from Khurram what is the reason behind it? This question has triggered Arsalan and to find out the answer he goes to Khurram’s place where he tells him that she has taken divorce from him because she is involved with someone else and she is having an affair with him. Arsalan is so mad at Sanam that he wants to kill her, Sabih stops him and saves Sanam otherwise he would have harmed her.

Sanam’s son Ayaan is hospitalized, he is critically ill and the reason behind his condition is Sanam’s negligence, she has ignored his vaccination which is becoming a cause of the complication. Ayaan’s dadi is so mad at Sanam for the criminal negligence that she says that she has no right on her grandson and now onwards she is going to raise her grandson alone. Well, it leaves one wondering where this all is going to conclude.

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