Didem Balcin aka Selcan Hatun from Dirilis Ertugrul Biography, Family, Dramas, Movies

Didem Balcin is a famous Turkish Drama and Movie actress. She has worked in many TV Series and movies. Didem Balcin is famous for her brilliant performance in Turkish TV Series Dirilis Ertugrul (Ertugrul Ghazi). She also got massive fame from her amazing acting skills in movie Jackals. Didem Balcin is among the most successful and rich Turkish actresses. Curious to know more about Didem. Here we have complete Biography of Didem Balcin aka our favorite Selcan Hatun. Let’s dig in to know more about Didem.

Didem Balcin Biography


Didem Balcin was born on 18th May 1982 in Ankara, Turkey. She is 37 years old now (2020).


Didem Balcin has graduated in History and Geography, Acting Department and Department of Theater, Ankara University, Turkey.  

Didem Balcin Family

Didem Balcin belongs to a Turkish family and have Albanian descents.

Didem Balcin Wedding

Didem Balcin got married Can Aydin got married at the start of May 2020 during Coronavirus lockdown. The wedding ceremony was very simple. Only two close friends and Didem’s mother attended the wedding ceremony.

Groom’s parents and other friends of Didem and Can attended the wedding ceremony on Zoom. They got engaged two months ago. Can Aydin is a lawyer by profession.

Showbiz Career

Didem Balcin started her showbiz career in Istanbul with theater and TV. Didem started working as an actress in 2003. She worked in many TV series and movies. She is on the list of the most famous actresses in Turkey.

Didem Balcin performed the role of Selcan Hatun, wife of Gundogdu, and daughter-in-law of Suleyman Shah in drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul (Ertugrul Ghazi). Didem performed her role very brilliantly. From wicked negative character to virtuous positive character, her acting skills were just amazing.

Didem has also worked in famous movies with many famous Turkish actors. She has a huge fan following due to her beautiful looks and exceptional acting skills.

Didem Balcin pictures

Didem Balcin Dramas

Here is the list Didem Balcin Dramas.

  • Serseri Asiklar
  • Ruzgarli Bache
  • Gurbet Yolculari
  • Olacak O kadar
  • Farkli Desenler
  • Firar
  • Dirilis Ertugrul
  • Kurlus Osman

Didem Balcin Movies

Here is the list of Didem Balcin Movies.

  • Cakallarla Dans
  • Gol Zamani
  • Acliga Doymak
  • Gulyabani
  • Cakallarla Dans 2
  • Cakallarla Dans 3
  • Oflu Hoca’nin Sifresi
  • Cakallarla Dans 4
  • Cakallarla Dans 5

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