Deewangi Drama Last Episode Complete Watch and Download

Geo Tv drama Dewangi most dramatic has come to an end. Throughout the series, it has been very chanting and gave the nail-biting thrill to the audience. However, the character Sultan Durani portrays the real sketch of hatred and a person dwells in the sense of power. More or less, the drama Deewangi was an epic drama serial filled with every inch of emotions. Here is what happened in the Dewangi Last Episode. Let’s see if Sultan Durani won the heart of Nageen?

When Sultan came to know that Nageen is going to marry him, he expresses all his love for her. Moreover, he welcomed her in the most unique possible way. He did it all to make her happy. Later on, he officially proposed her.

When did Sultan ask what does she want from her? She said, “Please, send Haroon abroad for treatment”. Therefore, he did it and send a cheque for his treatment.With a huge margin, he won the election and his heart feels the butterflies. However, in the Dewangi Last Episode there is something he has to lose for.

In the whole hall, she refuses to marry Sultan Durani which made him embarrassed and depressed. Later on, she told everyone that what has he done with her and with Haroon. In front of the media, she unveils everything about Sultan.When Nageen refuses to marry him, he confronts her. And points a gun at her. Whereas, Nageen is a strong woman and she stood for her and for him, both.

In the Dewangi Last Episode, Sultan proved that how much he is in love with Nageen. Therefore, he saved Nageen and proved his love. In the last few moments, he died.

The last few minutes of Dewangi Last Episode was an amalgam of sorrow and happiness. Sultan Durani died with lots of sadness and sorrow. Whereas, Nageen and Haroon lived happily ever after. Without a doubt, the drama made us biting the nails until the end.

Dewangi Last Epesiode

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