Dame Diana Rigg Passes Away At The Age Of 82

Renowned British actress Diana Rigg passed away on Thursday at the age of 82. According to reports, the legendary actress and former ‘Bond girl’ lost her life to cancer and died at home with family.

Dame Diana Rigg was one of the most respected actresses in the film industry. While most people remember the late actress as Olenna Tyrell from the blockbuster series Game of Thrones, Diana was a bit of a style icon during the 60s.

The legendary star played several award-winning roles including secret angel Emma Peel in the hit TV series The Avengers (not part of the MCU). The show featured Riggs alongside Patrick McNee (playing a bowler-hatted John Steed) fighting villains and trading quips while impeccably dressed. The TV series became a huge hit and attracted a lot of fans.

Dame Diana was also a ‘Bond girl’ playing Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo or Tracy Bond in the sixth installment of the Bond franchise titled On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.The late actress had an illustrious career that included Emmy award-winning performances in hit series such as 1997’s Rebecca.

Not only that, but Diana also continued her success late into her career, winning several nominations for her outstanding performances as Olenna Tyrell (aka The Queen of Thorns) in HBO’s highly acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

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