China Launches The World’s First 6G Satellite

Despite 5G being barely available to anyone across the planet, it appears that China is already tinkering with the next generation of networking technology 6G. China has sent the world’s first 6G experimental satellite into space aboard the Long March 6 rocket that took off last week.

The Long March 6 rocket was launched on November 6 and the experimental 6G satellite onboard entered its orbit the same day. The launch took place at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province and was conducted by China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology.

The satellite is equipped with a terahertz satellite communication payload that was developed by the aforementioned university as well as a number of other top laboratories. The university announced that the satellite will carry out the world’s first experiment with terahertz communication in space.

Professor Xu Yangsheng, academic director of the university’s Satellite Technology Research Institute said that this marks a breakthrough in China’s history of exploring terahertz communication technology in aerospace. He also said that the satellite will be used for intelligent city applications, disaster prevention, land planning, environment protection, 6G experimentation, and more.

China is already the market leader when it comes to 5G technology, and being the first to launch its experimental satellite for 6G, it could easily be the first country to officially introduce the next generation of networking technology in the future.

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