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Celebrities who died of coronavirus in 2020

A huge number of celebrities caught up coronavirus in 2020, and when many fought and won against the disease, others breathe their last, saying goodbye to the world forever.

The novel corona virus, which is a year old now, created a fuss all over the globe. Not only professions, the lethal illness have altered the whole mode of existence, affecting the life on earth severely. It is therefore the reason, more than 1.6 million people has departed from this sphere, owing to the virus, whereas 16.4 million battles currently. And hence, there are some critically acclaimed celebrities who contracted coronavirus this year, and lost their lives against it.

1. Chris Trousdale

Christopher Ryan Pask, professionally known by his stage name Chris Trousdale was an American singer and actor. He was also a member of pop boy band Dream Street. Trousdale passed away from this world on June 2nd, at the age of thirty four.

2.  Nick Cordero

Canadian actor Nicholas Eduardo Alberto Cordero held a veteran rank at Broadway. The actor had bagged two awards for his work in Bullets over Broadway and was nominated multiple times. The celebrity died of coronavirus on July 5, at the age of 41, after three months in hospitals.

3. Herman Cain

American businessman and the activist for tea party republication Herman Cain also lies among the celebrities who died from coronavirus this year. Cain died on July 30, subsequent to his campaign for Donald Trump Tulsa, where he had contracted the deadly disease.

4. Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez, an American singer, guitarist and actor died at the age of 81. Some of his much applauded songs include ‘If I had a Hammer,’ ‘Don’t let the sun catch you crying,’ Five o clock world’ and ‘Come a little bit closer’ to name a few. Lopez left this world on August 11.

5. Tom Seaver

Another of celebrities who contracted coronavirus was American baseball pitcher Thomas Seaver, who was found dead in his sleep due to dementia and Covid-19.

6 .Harold Butt

7 .Lucia Bose

Veteran Italian celebrity Lucia Bose died of coronavirus on 23rd March, after living a notable 79 years of life. The actress garnered much acclamation throughout her period and was awarded numerous times for her gifted talents.

8 .Maria Mercader

A CBS News veteran, who worked for over 30 years as a reporter and a talented director Maria Mercader, died March 29 after testing positive for coronavirus. She was 54.

9 .Joe Diffie

American country music singer and songwriter Diffie, who had announced his diagnosis of the deadly virus just two days prior, died of coronavirus on March 29.

10 .Alan Merril

I love rock n roll singer Alan Merril also lies among the celebrities who witnessed coronavirus and couldn’t conquest it. Thence, the diva died on March 29.

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