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Bill Gates Biography – Microsoft – Net worth – Wife – Family

Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates, in full William Henry Gates III. Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He’s the co founder of Microsoft Corporation the world’s largest personal computer software company.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Biography


Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, Seattle, Washington, U.S.


Bill Gates does not have a college degree. He enrolled at Harvard College in 1973 to study pre law but also studied mathematics and took a graduate level computer science course. Gates left Harvard after two years, opting instead to start his own computer software company.


Bill Gates family

Resently Bill Gates divorse his wife.He has three children. Jennifer Gates, 24, is the eldest child of the philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates. She’s an accomplished equestrian, just like Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve. Jennifer Gates graduated from Stanford University in 2018 with a degree in human biology and is attending medical school in New York City.

Bill Gates microsoft

In 1987, the year after Microsoft went public, 31 year old Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire. Gates and Allen started Microsoft originally called Micro Soft, for microprocessors and softwar in order to produce software for the Altair 8800, an early personal computer.

Bill Gates microsoft

Gates remains one of the largest individual shareholders of Microsoft. As of December, he held more than 100 million shares of Microsoft, roughly 1.3 percent of the company’s shares. His stock is worth about $16 billion.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft, has a fortune worth $130.5 billion.

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