Beautiful Family Pictures Of Waseem Badami

Waseem Badami is by no doubt one of the best news anchors in the news media sector and has earned a good reputation for himself over the last few years due to his honest, strong, and to the point questions based on facts and statistical figures.

Waseem Badami has interviewed and questioned some of the most powerful figures in the country. In addition to being a News anchor, he is also a television host of the show “Shaan e Ramazan” and the comedy TV show “Masoomana Sawalat With Waseem Badami”. However, he is still famously known for his news talk show “11th hour” which is aired on ARY News Channel.

Waseem Badam is also actively involved in social work and has raised important issues of citizens that are often neglected or not looked into. Apart from his work life, it can also be observed that he is a family man and makes sure he gives his family the best of him.

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