Apple Watch 3 Unable to Catch Up With Watch OS 7

Users have taken to the Apple help forum to disclose performance problems such as unexpected reboots, battery exhaustion, and more of Apple watch as highlighted on its official website. 

 It’s only been a few weeks since the final version of the newest operating system was publicly launched by Apple, which contains some useful new features such as sleep-tracking, Siri Shortcuts, and hand-washing identification, to name a few. 

This was an already emerging issue, according to one user who posted on Apple’s website, known as Jcbeckner. What followed were replies worth 12 pages with other owners of Series 3 pointing to similar problems, and more. In addition, underneath the post, almost 650 people clicked on the “I have this question too” button. 

WatchOS 7 has been in public beta for the summer previous to its debut, allowing Apple plenty of time to improve its latest features based on bugs identified by its users. But the organisation may have let this one fall through the cracks, it seems. 

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It is also worth noting that on the Forum, this is not the only WatchOS 7 issue forum out there. There’s another one directly for the Series 3 on MacRumors Forums, with others reporting random reboots and battery issues as well. 

Why this is happening is uncertain, but the Series 3 has an older processor than the Series 4 and above. While Apple continues to discontinue the previous generation model the minute a new Apple Watch is released, in a clear attempt to retain a more simple and inexpensive wearable in the lineup, it has yet to phase out the Series 3. 

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