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Aisha Khan Daughter First Birthday Celebration Pics

Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan, who said goodbye to Pakistan showbiz industry after marriage, has shared a long message on social media on the first birthday of her daughter Mahnoor. Ayesha Khan celebrated her daughter’s first birthday at home due to the global epidemic.

Sharing a message on the occasion, she said that her daughter was born on 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, the birthday celebration of the of Mahnoor was organized by Nana, Nani, which we had no idea about.

Ayesha Khan said that 12th Rabi-ul-Awal will always be memorable and special for me and Aqaba because Allah blessed us with a precious gift on this day. Leaving a loving message for her daughter, Ayesha described it as the whole universe, the reason for her smile, the coolness and light of her eyes. She said that according to the Islamic calendar, today is the first birthday of Mahnoor, our words are not enough to thank Allah (SWT) for this gift, we are thankful to Allah Almighty at every moment.

Ayesha Khan shared a photo with her husband Major Aqaba and daughter in which she thanked those who wished Mahnoor a happy birthday and wrote that Mahnoor is a lucky girl. Ayesha Khan also shared a photo of her daughter with Mahnoor’s grandparents who organized the birthday party. Lets check beautiful pictures of Actress Ayesha daughter Mahnoor birthday.

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