Aima Baig removed all the pictures with her fiance

Aima Baig

Reportedly all is not well between singer Aima Baig and her fiance Shahbaz Shigri as both of them have removed all the pictures together and blocked each other on instagram.

Pakistani celebrities Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri broken up they were supposed to get married this year. Aima Baig and shahbaz shigri got engaged and their engagement videos and pictures were so beautiful and got viral instantly in social media.

Aima baig And shahbaz shigri are famous Pakistani couple. Aima baig is singer and shahbaz shigri is film maker, model and actor. Shahbaz shigri got married in 2014 with Aida but shahbaz and Ayesha got divorced in 2018.

Tis couple is lovebirds getting apart. It’s truly heart breaking, Whatever would be the reason for her separation. They have huge fan following, everything is due to her hard work and determination.

Aima and Shahbaz got engaged on 24 july 2021. Shahbaz confirmed their engagement news on Instagram. They dated each other for a long time before getting engaged.

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