Aagha Ali Apologises For His Insensitive Joke About The Pashtun Community

Aagha Ali has again made it to the headlines and yet again for all the wrong reasons! A video clip of the actor from an old interview has gone viral over the internet in which he is seen casually cracking a joke at the expense of the Pashtun community.

In the short clip, Aagha Ali while directing a joke towards his colleague, Neelam Muneer can be seen trolling the Pashtuns for the way they speak.

He said that he had never seen any Pashtun person speaking calmly.

Netizens called out Aagha Ali for his racist comment targeting the Pashtun community and demanded an apology from the actor.

#AaghaAliMafiMango became the top trend on Twitter throughout yesterday.

After the uproar on social media for almost a day, the Khoob Seerat actor took to Twitter to address the issue and apologized for his comment that offended many.

He stressed that his joke was directed specifically at his friend Neelam Muneer and his intention was never to offend anyone. He then apologised for hurting the sentiments of his fellow citizens.

Aagha Ali then added that he had nothing but respect for the Pashtun community and asked his followers to not spread hate.

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