Aag Ka Dariya Complete Urdu Novel By Quratulain Haider Download in pdf

Quratulain Haider is the author of the book Aag Ka Dariya Pdf. It is an excellent history story that describes the times and tales of Ramayana. The writer quoted many events from Hindu mythology. The book proved a classic part of Urdu literature after its publishing.

The mentioned the old stories of Hinduism according to its religious books. She quoted directly from Ramain, Maha Bharat, and Bhagwat Geeta. On the other side, she talked about the belief of seven births and entire life in the story.

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Quratulain Haider was a top female writer and novelist. In her long writing career, she authored many books and novels but earned much fame for this classic story. Moreover, she belonged to a literary family and was the daughter of Sajjad Haider Yaldram. Quratulain Haider got many awards for her services to Urdu literature.

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