55 Year Old American Woman Reaches Pakistan To Marry 27 Year Old Facebook Love

From getting to see bizarre news and heartbreaks everyday, it is indeed a refreshing thought to see how true love can break all odds!

A 55-year-old American woman has reached Pakistan to meet the man she is deeply in love with. Surprisingly, the man is only 27-year-old Shehzad and lives in Tandiannwala.

The duo met on Facebook and quickly became friends. It is sweet to see how true love blooms with the passage of time. Entranced and completely in love with this man.

This American woman, previously known as Elizabeth Mendez, is now a converted Muslim and her name is Mariam.

Simultaneously, the marriage between Elizabeth Mendez, now, Mariam not only proves that true love exists, rather it breaks all stereotypes towards marrying late or young; or the dilemma around age gaps and marriages!

Overall, we wish both Shehzad and Mariam the very best of luck for their newly marital life. It is inspiring to see how truly there are no boundaries when it comes to love!

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