5 Best Personal Safety Apps for Women

Assaults and sinister treatment with females have taken the shape of an epidemic in our beloved country Pakistan. This is a very dire and unfortunate situation and there have been a number of cases in recent times such as the motorway incident, the Zaineb case from Kasur, etc. Our system appears to be failing in protecting females from day to day harassment and shameful attacks. Therefore, I am going to quote 5 personal safety apps for women which can help in securing the vulnerable women of our society.


BSafe encompasses an SOS system for protection that can be activated by voice or touch. Selected contact numbers receive an audio alarm along with the user’s location. This app live-streams and records whatever emergency an individual is facing, and sends location along with the audio and video to their selected contact. This is one of the best safety apps for women.

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2.Eyewatch SOS for Women:

Eyewatch SOS for Women is able to assist by sending your location and audio video signature to your guardians, parents/ spouse, or friends. Simply tap the ‘I am Safe’ option and notify your protectors that you have reached the destination safely. The app has been popular for its high location accuracy, functioning without GPRS, and Safety confirmation feature.

To download the app, click here.

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The Hollaback app collects evidence and data related harassment on streets to alert authorities about the intensity of the problem. The app records your location and lets you explain about the way you were harassed or what you may have witnessed.

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4.SpotnSave Feel secure:

SpotnSave Feel secure was designed to enable users to inform spouses and friends about their location. The app transmits an alert along with the user’s location to a pre-selected contact number after every couple of minutes.

To download the app, click here.

5.My SafetyPin:

My SafetyPin app allows users to select the safest and most reliable route and if you enter an unsafe location it sends a notification to your family or friends so they can track you. The safety of any region is measured through various parameters like public transport, visibility, security, etc.

To download the app, click here.

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