4 Celebrities who are embracing their inner artist in lockdown

Celebrities who are embracing their inner artist in lockdown:

The country has been in lockdown since March and even if the government has temporarily eased the restrictions, people are still confined to their homes. In an effort to keep themselves occupied and entertained, it appears that some of our celebrities have turned to arts and crafts. A few of them were already experienced, but some are only beginners. Nonetheless, one thing is evident that art is a great way to divert your mind.

Here are some of our favourite celebrities showcasing their talents over social media:

Sajal Aly

Sajal has recently started sketching her loved ones and sharing these sketches on her social media. A few days ago she posted an impressive sketch of her husband, Ahad. “Trying out other art forms and trust me it’s not easy to capture this man’s beauty. What do you think?” she wrote.

We agree with her 100%. After that Sajal also uploaded a sketch of her mother-in-law, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Anoushey Ashraf

Anoushey is trying her hand at doodling. The VJ just posted a time-lapse of her drawing an adorable doodle on the back of a phone case. She captioned the video: “Hey kids! So pk.covers sent me this phone cover and I decided to get creative with it. I’ve used drawing pens for this but would any of you artists know which marker/pens would work best in terms of the colour of the doodle remaining strong? And then a lacquer to protect it? Thanks!”

Sarwat Gilani 

Sarwat Gilani has turned into quite the artsy-mommy ever since the country went into lockdown mode. In an effort to keep her children entertained, Sarwat came up with easy artistic activities to do. Her social media has become the top destination for artistic inspirations for moms. Recently, she posted a picture of homemade bookmarks to keep inside the Quran.

Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly brought out her paints as soon as the lockdown started. We all got to see another side of her along with acting. Her talents also include being an impressive painter. Her most recent painting had a darker theme where she was talking about depression.

It proves that in the end, art in any form whether it’s painting, drawing, music, movies or books is what we turned to when life came to a halt. Despite the criticism, it gets, art is truly an integral part of society.

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