3rd Batch of Freelancing Course Announced on Airschool

Airschool has announced the 3rd batch of 4 weeks long paid course on freelancing to train students to support themselves and become financially independent. The first two batches remained largely successful as students kickstarted their freelancing careers.

The course will be conducted by Asra Rizwan Khan, an accomplished freelancer who also happens to be the Founder and CEO of OpenMic. The fee for the complete course is PKR 2,000 (USD 12.13) only.

As a part of its online education initiative, the course is launched with the name “Become a Freelancer.” The course takes a practical approach to setting up your freelancing career by giving meaningful assignments. It guarantees that you have started your career in one of the freelancing career paths after its completion.

The course will be conducted in English.

About the course

Being low on cash is something every student can relate to. But today, it is easier to make a few extra bucks with the help of the internet and technology. Moreover, there is also the opportunity and capacity to learn new skills with their developing minds.

This course is launched especially for students to use their abilities and skills to easily support their hobbies and manage their expenses themselves.

Even if you don’t have a set path or career in mind, this course is a good fit as it takes you from identifying your passions to getting paid for them in a matter of four weeks. It also teaches you the basics of showcasing your work online, applying for jobs, different types of projects, and the protocols of payment followed in the freelancing community.

In short, if you don’t have any knowledge or expertise, the course is designed in a way to lift you up and give a strong starting boost to your freelancing career.

It is a four-week course with live-streamed classes on the weekends so that you can easily take it up part-time. Additional perks include practice exercises, useful resources for inspiration, guest lectures from people with hands-on market experience, and networking opportunities through a dedicated Slack community for the participants.

About the instructor

The instructor for the course is Asra Rizwan Khan. She has worked as a freelancer for over five years, starting in her sophomore year which makes her perfect for the course since she has done exactly what she is teaching.

Her freelance portfolio ranges from design and web to content creation. She has taught and spoken about freelancing and entrepreneurship at Google WomenTechmakers, GDG Fest Kolachi, Google I/O Recap, Startup Weekend Women & Youth, AIESEC Global Exchange Conference, and CodeGirls.

How can you enroll?

The third batch of this course begins on 7th November 2020. With limited seats available that are being booked every minute, you don’t have any time left to waste! So, if you want to start earning online and develop a sense of independence, reserve your spot today!

Along with this course, Airschool has also announced the following other courses for students and professionals:

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  2. Become a Facebook Marketing Pro

What is Airschool?

Airschool is a platform bridging the gap between learners and experts by providing tools for scheduling and conducting live sessions. Experts can easily sign-up on the platform and conduct paid sessions to teach the most in-demand skills of this century. The marketing, payments, live-streaming, and analytics of the sessions can all be handled right from their dashboard.

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