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3 New Airlines Are Launching in Pakistan Soon


Three new airlines have sought Regular conveyance (RPT) permit from the CAA to launch flight operations in Pakistan

Q Airlines, Fly Jinnah, and Jet Green are the three airlines which will start domestic operations within the coming months.

According to details, CAA has completed the scrutiny of Q Airlines and Fly Jinnah while scrutiny of Jet Green is near completion.

After the conclusion of the scrutiny process, CAA will forward the RPT permit applications to Aviation Division then to the Federal Cabinet for final approvals.

With the addition of three new airlines, the amount of personal airlines operating in Pakistan will increase to 6 .

Airblue, SereneAir, and AirSial are the three private airlines already functional in Pakistan while PIA is that the ensign carrier and remains the most important and oldest airline in Pakistan.

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