10 Richest Universities in the World

1 .University of Texas System

While this university isn’t really well-known or considered a “top tier” university, the reason it has a $30,9 billion market value is because it has a lot more students than most expensive, exclusive universities do. Simple reason is that, as the name implies, it’s a university system and not a single institution. The system contains 8 universities, which means they’re kind of cheating but I’ll allow them on this list anyway.

2 .Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also known as MIT, this university has a market value of $16,5 billion. That’s not even half of what some other big universities have, but it’s still considered to be the best university if you want a technical-oriented degree, like computer sciences for example.

3 .Princeton University

At a market value of $25,9 billion, Princeton University is the smallest of the big universities, financially speaking. Their market value is showing an amazing rise however, having grown almost 9% in a single year.

4 .Texas A&M

Texas A&M is one of the biggest tertiary systems in the United States and they have their campuses spread across 11 different locations. The College Station is their flagship campus and most of their endowment comes from fundraising campaigns they hold. The high-quality research facilities that are present on campus draw students from all over the world to Texas A&M.

5 .University of California 

At a market value of $13 Billion+ .The University of California is spread across 10 official campuses and it is one of the top tier universities that students from all over the USA and beyond flock to. It is one of the best public education colleges in the world. It’s UC Berkeley is arguably the most renowned thanks to its status as the flagship campus of the university. The Hewlett Foundation has been one of the biggest donators to the university and it also gets its money from its land holdings all across the country.

6 .University of Pennsylvania

This modest $13,8 billion university is another strong grower. In a single year, their value has increased nearly 13%, which is just amazing if you think about it. If they can keep this up for a few years, it won’t be long until they’re on the top of this list.

7. Stanford University

This modest $21 Billion university is another strong grower.Stanford is known to be the one of the highest ranked university in the USA and it has been performing quite well in the fields of education, law, and engineering. The university was founded in the year 1885 and the massive university soon became a breeding ground for some of the top talents around the world coming to study. Silicon Valley’s biggest names have been involved with this university being one of the major sources of its donations allowing it to become one of the top universities in the world. Hewlett-Packard, popularly known as HP is one of the top donors to the University.

8 .Harvard University

The University of Harvard or Harvard University currently has 32.7 billion USD in the form of funding and it is known to be the wealthiest university in the world at the moment. The college was founded way back in 1936 and it was named after John Harvard, a clergyman who founded it as New College. There have been plenty of massive donations that have been made to the college with one of the most famous instances being a 150 million USD donation that was donated by Citadel’s founder Kenneth C. Griffin and he is currently the biggest donator in the history of the college.

9 .Yale University

This institution is also a member of the Ivy League and one of the world’s wealthiest universities. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale has also earned the reputation of one of the most beautiful universities with picturesque scenery. Its collective endowment is said to be $29.4 billion, while its research budget alone makes around $881 million.

It is also a well-respected institution for all the history it has standing behind, being one of the oldest higher education institutions in the USA. Studying here is no piece of cake, but if you have a trusted paper writing service to rely on, you should get through your studies with no particular stress or worries.

Yale is actually not its original name: it used to be known as the Collegiate school, but it was renamed after receiving a very generous donation from Elihu Yale, a British-American merchant, and a slave trader.

10 .University of Richmond 

The University of Richmond’s history dates back to the 1830-founded Baptist school the Dunlora Academy. Shut down after the Civil War, the school – by then known locally as Richmond College – was reopened in 1866 following a $5,000 donation by local tobacconist James Thomas, Jr. It was renamed the University of Richmond in 1920.

In 1969 pharmaceutical millionaire and University of Richmond graduate E. Claiborne Robins again brought the school back from the brink, this time with a $50 million gift. The Robins family went on to donate over $175 million, and Richmond’s business school was renamed the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business in 1979. Elsewhere, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies was up in 1992 after businessman and Richmond alumnus Robert S. Jepson, Jr. donated $20 million. In 2013 the University of Richmond’s endowment increased to $2.023 billion.

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